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Small Businesses Need Marketing, Too

In my 20+ years working in Sales and Marketing, I have seen first hand how digital and social media have created a tremendous opportunity, specifically for small businesses.


Today, a small business, on a limited budget, can articulate their value proposition across multiple marketing channels through multiple materials just like larger organizations.


Compelling content is the key.

Content Creation is Industry Agnostic

Whether you are selling a complex, technical device to a highly regulated industry, providing enterprise software to multiple industries, or offering telecom testing technology, I can provide value.


No one knows your business better than you.  We work together, taking your deep knowledge and creating a compelling message and content.  The process is painless and requires small time investments.

Let's build great content together.

Content and Technical Expertise are Needed

My experience includes work with complex content management and CRM  systems such as Hubspot and, and simpler, web products such as WordPress, Ghost and Constant Contact.


I can help maintain your blog, create and execute email marketing campaigns, and engage your followers on social media, without the need for a full-time Marketing resource or expensive agency.


Technology is not an obstacle.

My Services

Blog Writing

Working with your subject matter experts, I can generate a regular stream of blog posts the illustrate your industry and technical expertise.

Website Maintenance

While web designers are best for building a new website, I can help you manage and update your content, making changes using the existing site templates

Email Marketing

Using any number of on market technologies, I can help you leverage you existing email list through engaging, regular emails.

Social Media Marketing

With the content we create, I can help you establish or grow your following through regular postings.

Whitepaper Writing

Nothing makes a company look like a thought-leader more than whitepapers. I can help you create non-commercial articles and papers to better engage website visitors and your target market.

Other Marketing Management Services

As a former Director of Marketing for a startup, I have experience working with vendors, engaging industry experts, developing marketing campaigns, and much more. 

If you are ready to kick off your marketing or take it to the next level, fill out the contact us form, email or call me.  I am eager to learn about your business and how I can help!


phone: 781.835.6008

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